Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cartoon Sketch Card Packs (Breygent Marketing) - Pack Break

As it turns out, Breygent Marketing has been producing high-quality non-sport trading card sets for some time. As I've mentioned, I was late to the current non-sport party, so my first Breygent product was the Dexter Seasons 1 and 2 series. This was a really nice set, with sketch cards, autographs and clothing/prop cards. Now they have entered the realm of companies like 5finity who are producing just sketch cards for popular properties (more on 5finity in another post).

breygent-cartoon-packOne of the first sets Breygent did this year that is sketch only was their Cartoon Sketch Card series. Actually, the package tells a bit of a fib: "Collect the All New Cartoon Sketch Art Card Series from Breygent Marketing Featuring Original Sketch Cards, and Nothing But Sketch Cards!" The fib is that while, yes, every pack includes one original sketch card, it also includes a promo card for the set a Metallogloss card.

But I'll forgive the fib, because these other cards are a nice addition to the pack. What is the best thing about these packs (and 5finity's for that matter) is that collectors are paying for what they really want, the original sketch card. By cutting out a set of base cards, collectors can pay significantly less than what a hobby box of 24-36 packs of cards promising only one sketch card would cost, actually about 2/3 less. So there is certainly more bang for your buck.

The nice thing about this cartoon sketch series, for me anyway, is the subjects of the cartoons. They don't include those characters that we all think of like Bugs Bunny, Yogi Bear, etc. Yet, they are characters that I remember seeing as a child, like Casper the Friendly Ghost, Betty Boop and Heckle and Jeckle.

breygent-cartoon-sketchI purchased one pack which gave me this really nice Heckle and Jeckle sketch from Gilbert YoungRoland. Using this card and other sketches I've seen on eBay as examples, the artists on this set did not hold back on the quality of the art. This card is significantly more detailed and nicer than many I have seen come out of other products, like many Topps properties. Don't get me wrong, those products include a large number of top-quality sketches from top-quality artists, but they also have included far too many simple pencil sketches that don't seem worth the investment. But I digress...

The Metallogloss cards are like a base card but are imprinted on a thick metallic backing, much like a thick magnet, but of course, not magnetic. The one I received is #9 of the set and features an image of Felix the Cat as drawn by Sean Pence, a regular artist on Breygent sets. The Promo Card features Betty Boop and Heckle and Jeckle by Trev Murphy.

I have to admit I'm very pleased with this product. I wasn't sure what to think when it first came out, but my curiosity and desire to have a wide range of art in my collection pushed me to make the purchase. I'm glad I did, and I will do so again with these types of products from Breygent in the future.

breygent-cartoon-metallogloss breygent-cartoon-promo

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