Monday, October 25, 2010

Hack/Slash (5finity) - Pack Breaks

I've said before how much I really like the products 5finity produces, and when I had heard they would be producing a set based on the comic book Hack/Slash, I was very excited. And that was a set I was really looking forward to.

The series promised at least one sketch per pack with 1,750 packs produced.


Last week, I received 10 packs and the results did NOT let me down. This is by far the best I've done with any product purchased for the sketch cards. The number by each artist's name is the number of sketches that particular artist did for the set.

Brent Schoonover - 20
Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist
Scott D.M. Simmons - 40
Nathan Stockman - 25
Luis Diaz - 40
Lak Lim - 40
Kelly Everaert - 4 (Rare)
Jon Riggle - 40
Amber Shelton - 16

The best part of my pulls was that I received art from 10 artists whose art I did not already own. And while my favorite is the Jon Riggle sketch, I was very excited to get a Kelly Everaert because of its scarcity.

Along with the Everaert Rare card, I also received a double-sketch pack. Included on one pack with the Hack/Slash sketch was a sketch from the Honey West set, a set that I had missed out on upon its release. And it is a very beautiful card.

Paul Allen Ballard

Next up for 5finity is Lady Death...


  1. Second Unknown Artist looks like Ross Cambell ( Can't figure out the first one yet.

  2. Hey there!
    Congrats on getting so many awesome cards from this set! Personally, I'm thrilled to hear you like the card, pulled from my batch. This was a fave of mine as well. Good luck on Lady Death and any other sets you may purchase in the future.

    Have a good one!
    Jon Riggle

  3. Thanks for the info, Jeff.

    John, I missed out on Lady Death, but snagged some Manga Mandy. Looking forward to seeing what I get come April.

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