Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How I Got Here, part 1

When I was a kid I remember buying all kinds of trading cards - baseball, football, basketball and lots of non-sport cards. Of course, they were a lot less expensive then than they are now (but what wasn’t?), and they were so cool. I remember these Pac-Man cards that were scratch-off games. I remember the Star Wars cards from the original trilogy (dammit, i wish i still had those). I remember walking to a local grocery store to see what new cards had come out.

But those days passed, and I moved on to other interests. Now, I can’t deny that as I’ve gotten older feelings of nostalgia have made me think of those cards. But I never had a pressing desire to revisit the hobby.

That is until about a year ago.

For the record, I’m a late-comer when it involves television shows. I have never been on the cusp of what’s hot, especially when a show is just beginning. I think that comes from my tendency to read and write more than watch television. But later, often after a series ends, i will “discover” it somehow. During the summer of 2009, that show was Veronica Mars.

Not wanting to delve into a review of this series, I’ll just say that I enjoyed it immensely. After purchasing the season 1 DVDs, I went searching for season 2 on e-bay. And when I did, something caught my eye.

Veronica Mars trading cards

Who knew that such a thing existed? Certainly not me, since I just thought these types of cards went the way of the Dodo. Not only were there cards of this TV show, but they included things that never existed when I was a kid, at least not that I knew of. With this set there were cards that contained autographs from the cast and cards that were embedded with actual pieces of the clothing worn by the cast in the show! What the hell? That is awesome. How did I not know these cards existed?

Well, then, in the summer of 2009, I knew. And I was intrigued. But it would only get better.

to be continued…

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